Deep integration of urban culture and trend sports X GAMES CHINA 2021 Skateboard U Pool Tour Shanghai Station kicks off|online game cash money-pool game paytm cash

Deep integration of urban culture and trend sports X GAMES CHINA 2021 Skateboard U Pool Tour Shanghai Station kicks off

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鈿斤笍This morning, in Belgrade, Serbia, the Bundesliga giants Bayern Munich completed a wonderful Champions League match. They presented a perfect match to the fans even though they had already qualified in advance. And their top scorer, Lewandowski, shines again. With 5 consecutive Champions League group matches scoring goals, he has set 8 new records in one fell swoop. Since then, he has scored 5 goals in 9 minutes as a substitute in the Bundesliga.鈿斤笍After the game, Bayern finally locked the scoreboard at 6-0 on the road. This is the game with the most net wins by Bayern in a single game in the Champions League this season, surpassing the 7-2 victory over Tottenham in the away game. goal difference. This season, Bayern scored 21 goals in 5 group matches, averaging more than 4 goals per game. Lewandowski, who scored four yuan alone in this game, set a series of crazy scoring records.

鈿斤笍鈶燣ewandowski became the fastest player in the history of the Champions League with 4 goals in a single game. Starting from scoring a penalty kick in the 53rd minute to complete his first goal of the game, Lewandowski scored 4 goals in 14 minutes and 31 seconds , including the following three teammates who sent him assists one after another, Lewand kicked his head and pierced the goal of Red Star Belgrade 4 times with lightning. The Champions League scored 4 goals with lightning in 14 minutes. This scene is very similar to the scene where the Bundesliga pierced Wolfsburg's goal 5 times in 9 minutes.鈿斤笍鈶aving scored in five consecutive Champions League group matches, Lewandowski has become the fifth person to achieve this achievement in the Champions League after Del Piero, Rebrov, Ronaldo and Neymar.

鈿斤笍鈶 Lewandowski scored 10 goals in 5 rounds, surpassing Norwegian teenager Erling Haaland in two major statistics, becoming the striker with the most goals in Europe since the new season. Previously, Erling Haaland was the top scorer in Europe and the top scorer in the Champions League in 26 seasons with total goals and 7 goals in the Champions League. But overnight, after Lewandowski's big four, he scored a total of 27 goals in the season. At the same time, the Champions League also overtook Haaland by 3 goals, leading the Champions League scorer list.鈿斤笍鈶 Locked in the 2019 European annual scorer list. Since the beginning of this year, Lewandowski has scored 51 goals, surpassing the second-ranked Messi with 7 goals and leading the whole Europe. With 18 more goals than Ronaldo, Lewandowski has already secured the title of the European top scorer in 2019.

鈿斤笍鈶eading the two top scorers list, becoming the most powerful contender for the European Golden Boot Award and the Champions League Golden Boot this season. 16 goals in 12 Bundesliga games and 10 goals in 5 Champions League games. Not only is he the striker with the most goals in the five major leagues, but he also completed his most dazzling season in the Champions League. Judging from the current momentum, Lewandowski is determined to win the Champions League Golden Boot, and the Bundesliga Golden Boot is also like a search for something.鈿斤笍鈶 Equals the single-season scoring record in the Champions League. 10 goals may not be the end of Lewandowski's Champions League this season. The 10 goals scored for Dortmund in 13 Champions League games in the 2012-13 season was his previous record. After 6 years, Lewandowski will definitely break through this achievement, and the current 10 goals in 5 rounds is the best proof. Previously, while playing for Bayern, Lewandowski's highest scoring record in a single season in the Champions League was 9 goals (2015-16 season).

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