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Ahmedov renews contract with SIPG for one year

鈿斤笍Gerd M眉ller, the greatest M眉ller in football history is indeed an unsurpassable mountain. As the earliest world-class star Muller, he is still the greatest striker in the history of Bayern and even the Bundesliga. A series of jaw-dropping goalscoring records may become permanent history of the Bayern club. In the World Cup stage, Gerd Muller scored 14 goals in two tournaments and ranked third in history. If one day someone surpasses Gerd Muller, he must be the greatest player in the world in that era.

鈿斤笍Hansi M眉ller was a German star who was active in the 1970s and 1980s. He did not play for a giant like Bayern, but he was also the main player of the 1980 European Cup champion West Germany. The No. 10 jersey played in the 1982 World Cup. His club career was mainly spent in the Bundesliga Stuttgart, and he also played for the Serie A club Inter Milan.鈿斤笍Dieter M眉ller, also a great striker, was the main striker of the Bundesliga Cologne team in the 1970s. He is second only to Gerd Muller with the most goals in the Bundesliga history, scoring 173 goals in the Bundesliga. However, his national team career was relatively short. It is worth mentioning that in the 1976-77 season, he beat Gerd Muller with 34 Bundesliga goals to win the Bundesliga Golden Boot, and tied with Gade in the Bundesliga Golden Boot the following year. In the history of the Bundesliga, he is the only M眉ller who can wrestle with Gerd in the league.

For more information on the 5 most famous "Muellers" in German football history, Erwa is the first in active service, and Gade is the best in history, please continue to pay attention to the sports comprehensive column, the editor will continue to update for you Lots of sports news.Sancho scored in the opening 10 minutes, and Dortmund took the lead with his first shot on target! Brandt made a direct pass from the middle, Reus made a selfless cross from the right side of the penalty area against offside, and Sancho pushed his left foot into the near corner 7 meters away from the door, 1-0.

After Hummels' long pass rebounded in the penalty area, Reus's left 10 meters away from the door was blocked by Klar. Massopster passed the ball, Stanchu left-footed shot was blocked by Birki. Slavia made a defensive mistake, Royce stole the ball and broke into the left side of the penalty area with a single shot, and the left-footed shot from 11 meters in front of the goal was blocked by Klar!Soucek equalized Stanqiu with an oblique pass from the right, and Shikoda volleyed and shot out by Birkito. Ashraf blocked the opponent's pass from the right and headed forward. Little Hazard broke into the penalty area and shot on the right and was obtained by Klar. Slavia tied in the 43rd minute! Shkoda made an anti-offside pass in the penalty area and made a chest pass from the right. Soucek advanced to the lower left corner 8 meters in front of the goal. VAR determined that Shikoda had no offside or handball, and it was 1-1.

Brandt scored 16 minutes into the second half, and Dortmund surpassed again! Sancho blocked the penalty area on the left, and Brandt hit the near corner with his left foot at a small angle 6 meters in front of the goal, 2-1.Weigel was red in the 77th minute, Weigel kicked Soucek and was sent off for a total of 2 yellow cards. Pi拧膷ek and Belerdi played, replacing Hazard and Ashraf. Soucek made a pass from the left side of the penalty area, and Herar's barb missed the right post at 9 meters in front of the goal. Dahoud replaces Sancho. Dortmund kept the victory until the end.

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