R&F Club: In view of the current Hong Kong football atmosphere, it will withdraw from the Hong Kong Super League|paytm game real cash-pool game paytm cash

R&F Club: In view of the current Hong Kong football atmosphere, it will withdraw from the Hong Kong Super League

鈿斤笍Although there is only one goal, this goal is of great significance. Cristiano Ronaldo continues to set the record for scoring goals in international competitions within Europe, reaching 99 goals. At the same time, the 14th goal of this year's international competition was recorded, creating his personal annual international A-level competition scoring record. Previously, scoring 13 goals in 13 national team games in 2016 was his personal record. Unexpectedly, at the age of 34, he broke the previous record and scored 14 goals in one year! All the goals this year came from official games, with 3 goals in the UEFA Nations League and 11 goals in the European Cup qualifiers.

鈿斤笍 Over the past 10 years, Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 77 goals in international games, with an average of more than 7 goals per year, and there is no sign of aging. Among the 77 goals, 47 goals are occupied after the age of 30! Before the age of 30, he scored "only" 52 goals in 118 international games, and in 46 games after the age of 30, Ronaldo scored as many as 47 goals, averaging more than 1 goal per game, which is amazing. At the national team level, Messi is destined to be beyond surpassing. Cristiano Ronaldo is only 10 goals away from the world record of 109 goals in international A-level games held by Alidai And then breaking the Daei record is almost a foregone conclusion.鈿斤笍The only fly in the ointment is that in another game, England captain Kane scored 1 goal and beat Kosovo 4-0 away. Kane surpassed Ronaldo with 12 goals and ranked first in the European Cup qualifier scorer list. Cristiano Ronaldo missed the golden boot in the qualifiers, which is the only regret left. If Israeli striker Zahavi fails to score in the final game, Kane will claim the qualifier golden boot.

For more information 銆?7 goals in 46 games after the age of 30! Cristiano Ronaldo broke through the personal limit of the year, but left a big regret. For more information, please continue to pay attention to the sports comprehensive column, the editor will continue to update you with more sports news.鈿斤笍This morning, in the Mediterranean island of Sicily, the Italian team defeated the team from the Caucasus Armenia 9-1, becoming the first team to advance to the European Cup qualifiers. A complete victory in the qualifiers, this is the unique great moment in the 121-year history of the Italian team. In one game, the Italian team broke at least 10 records in their team history.

鈿斤笍 In this game, Mancini made a major adjustment to the starting lineup. The goalkeeper Sirigu, who used to play in Palermo, started at the stadium he is most familiar with. Di Lorenzo, Biraghi, Romagnoli , Tonali, Zaniolo, Chiesa and other non-national team main players have entered the starting lineup. It can be said that this is a big training game for newcomers. However, under the premise of winning all 10 games in the qualifiers, the starting 11 players of this brand-new Italian team broke out with amazing combat effectiveness.鈶 The 9-1 victory over Armenia was the biggest victory for the Italian team in a non-friendly match in team history in 121 years. They beat the United States 9-0 in Brentford, England in 1948, but that game was only a friendly. Looking at the official game, today's game is the biggest victory in history.

鈶♀憿 At the same time, the score of 9-1 also broke the record of the largest victory score and the single-game goal difference record of the Italian team participating in the European Cup qualifiers.鈶 The Italian team, which has won all 10 games in the qualifying rounds, is the first time in history to qualify for the European Cup with all wins. In the past two European Cup qualifiers, although they had an unbeaten record and never lost a game, they failed to achieve a complete victory. This is the first time in history.

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