Rakitic: If La Liga ends early, the title must go to Barcelona|rummy league cash game-pool game paytm cash

Rakitic: If La Liga ends early, the title must go to Barcelona

For more information on "Fonseca: Roma shoots a lot but does not score, the right side encountered difficulties", please continue to pay attention to the sports information column, and the editor will continue to update you with more sports information.

Today is the time for the Evergrande team to focus on winter training. According to the media person "Northwest Watch Stand", Evergrande has recalled all loan players, including all naturalized loan players, including Fernando, Luo Guofu (Aloisi). Ao), Alan and Xiao Chu. According to the new season policy, Evergrande needs to give up at least two non-naturalized players in the top 10 "foreign aid". Alan and Luo Guofu are most likely to leave the team.There are currently three foreign players in the Evergrande team, Paulinho, Talisca, and Park Zhizhu, five non-naturalized naturalized players, Goulart, Exon, Fernando, Alan and Aloisio, as well as two naturalized naturalized players. Naturalized players Browning and Xiao Chu.

Because Browning and Xiao Chu are naturalized by blood, they can sign up as local players. Exxon can already represent the Chinese national team. He must occupy the only domestic aid quota for non-naturalized players by blood, and the remaining 7 players You can only compete in the Super League as a foreign aid. According to the Chinese Super League policy, only a maximum of 5 foreign players can be registered in the 2020 Chinese Super League registration list.Analysts from the media believe that Paulinho and Talisca will definitely occupy two foreign aid places, and there is no suspense for South Korean Park Zhizhu to stay in the team due to the AFC 3+1 foreign aid policy. In the end, only 2 of the 4 people of Goulart, Fernando, Alan and Aloisio could be given up. Goulart's ability is beyond doubt, the only thing that worries the club is his injury. Fernando is young and has a strong impact, and he has a great chance to qualify for foreign aid. Alan remains in good condition, but his position is occupied by players such as Wei Shihao and Yang Liyu, so there are many possibilities for Alan to leave the team. Aloisio didn't play many games with the South China Tigers in Guangdong last year. He hasn't played in the Chinese Super League for more than two years. His chances of staying are the slimmest.

It is understood that the Evergrande club is currently arranged in this way. As long as Alan and Aloisio have decided on their next home before the team goes to Dubai, the two of them will not participate in the Evergrande team's winter training. If the two cannot be loaned out before the team starts, the club will also arrange for them to temporarily train with the team.If you want to know more about "Evergrande has recalled all the players on loan, Alanluo Guofu is likely to be abandoned", please continue to pay attention to the sports information column, the editor will continue to update you with more sports information.

Vidal's agent Felicevic flew to Italy this week, and Inter Milan will likely meet with him on Vidal's transfer. He is also Medel and Purgar's agent.According to media reporter Nicol貌 Schira, Inter Milan has already reached an agreement with Vidal, but it has not been able to negotiate with Barcelona. His agent came to Italy just to watch Bologna play Fiorentina. It is reported that Vidal and Inter Milan will sign a contract until 2022, with a salary of 4.5 million euros in the first half of the year and a total salary of 6 million euros in the next two years. From January 13, Vidal's agent Felicevic will restart negotiations with Barcelona.

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