Italy's failure to qualify for the World Cup was ridiculed by Switzerland! The European Golden Boot considers withdrawing from the team|spin cash game-pool game paytm cash

Italy's failure to qualify for the World Cup was ridiculed by Switzerland! The European Golden Boot considers withdrawing from the team

According to reports, among the three candidates for the new national football coach, Li Tie, Li Xiaopeng and Wang Baoshan, who participated in the competition interview, Wang Baoshan took the longest time.

On the afternoon of December 26, an assessment team composed of five experts including Zhu Guanghu interviewed Li Tie, Li Xiaopeng and Wang Baoshan at the Temple of Heaven Hotel in Beijing. The final interview results, that is, the candidate for the new national team coach, will be announced by the Football Association in early January.Regarding some details of this competition interview, "Football News" disclosed that Li Tie won the first place, followed by Li Xiaopeng, and finally Wang Baoshan. Among them, Wang Baoshan, who appeared last, gave the longest speech, exceeding the scheduled 1 hour, and the "addition time" was as long as 15 minutes, and the total time reached 75 minutes; followed by Li Xiaopeng, the competition time was 60 minutes, and the shortest time was the first Li Tie, who appeared on the stage, only had about 50 minutes.

After the interview, the expert group also submitted the three people's speech content, scoring and other related evaluations to the Football Association. But the selection of the national football coach is not something that can be decided by the Football Association. Therefore, no matter who of the three wins in the end, it should be reasonable. At present, it seems that Li Tie is the most likely.For more information on "Wang Baoshan National Football Coach's Longest Interview Time", please continue to pay attention to the scientific and technological information column, and the editor will continue to update you with more scientific and technological information.

After this round of victory over Sheffield United, Guardiola once again said that it is not realistic to catch up with Liverpool.After the 20th round of the Premier League, Manchester City is 1 point behind second-placed Leicester and 14 points behind Liverpool, who have played a game in advance.

At the post-match press conference, when asked if he could catch up with Liverpool, Guardiola replied: "No, it's unrealistic to think about this now.""Why should we think about catching up with a team like Liverpool when they have so many points? All we have to do is play well, get as close to the top of the league as possible, and prepare for the knockout rounds of the Champions League and next season. prepare."

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