Who is better than Messi and Ronaldo? Let's see what the 12 teammates have to say about Messi's victory?|real cash casino game-pool game paytm cash

Who is better than Messi and Ronaldo? Let's see what the 12 teammates have to say about Messi's victory?

Highbury's last stop, Highbury's last kiss. When the fireworks rise, the era of King Highbury, which once belonged to Henry, will not pass away with the years, but will only be remembered often in the drifting of the years. Thirty-two-year-old Henry, sitting there, looking at him with affectionate eyes, is the shadow of his 22-year-old. He's the captain, he's the leader, he's the legend, he's the shooter, he's the king of guns.

2. Inzaghi:He looks more like a classical swordsman, and he is filled with murderous aura under his elegant temperament. Chinese fans also called him by his nickname like the Italians: 'Super_Pippo' (Super Pippo).

3. Cannavaro:In 2006, this man who was as handsome as the sun and with eyes as deep as the Mediterranean Sea, while tasting the bitter fruit of the most disappointing life in his life, listened to the most exciting footsteps in his life, and started his infinite future with a smile. longing. To use an inappropriate analogy, this is like the traditional three cups of tea for Arabs: the first cup is as bitter as life, the second as sweet as love, and the third as light as the breeze. In the summer of 2006, he became the fourth Italian world champion captain; in the summer of 2006, he became the 100-game hero of the Azzurri; this made him the third European Ballon d'Or defender in history in 2006; For many years to come, some things will always be in Fabio Cannavaro's heart, such as that memorable year and that summer!

4. Nedved:"I fight, I exist", this is Nedved, "Braveheart" is his favorite movie, and just like the brave William Wallace in the movie, Nedved is football A tough warrior on the field. Flame, in the fire is a stronger and braver warrior, in his eyes in the ice is a more fiery thirst for victory, just like a knight will never let go of the long handle that symbolizes courage and faith. Sword, that is the sword edge he has sharpened with his life.

5. Owen:The former chasing boy, the former Anfield golden boy, the English rookie who once became famous in the first battle, the shadow who used to be as fast as lightning, the hero who once wore a red robe and played invincible all over the world, the former The Golden Globe winner, the former Owen, will gradually fade away and remain in the dusty memory of each of us

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