Beijing's first urban equestrian road starts Tianxing Tiaoliang Equestrian and will undertake operation and maintenance work|cash rummy game app-pool game paytm cash

Beijing's first urban equestrian road starts Tianxing Tiaoliang Equestrian and will undertake operation and maintenance work

It is worth mentioning that in the history of the Olympic Games, the Chinese weightlifting team has never won 6 gold medals in a single competition. Therefore, the Chinese weightlifting team has created the best record in history.

On July 31, the 2021 Total Energy Li Ning Li Yongbo Cup 3V3 Badminton Tournament was successfully held at the Miaoyu Li Ning Badminton Stadium in Jianghan District, Wuhan City. A number of outstanding teams gathered at the scene. They competed fiercely in the two-day competition, adding a touch of fiery atmosphere to Wuhan in August.At the opening ceremony of the competition in Wuhan Station, Yu Chenxin, Marketing Director of Total Lubricants (China) Co., Ltd., Xiang Guoping, Chief Operating Officer of Total Petroleum (Wuhan) Co., Ltd., and Total Lubricant Distributor Hubei Daoda Kechuang Industrial Co., Ltd. Hong Liren, general manager of the company, Chen Jianxiu, manager of Central China Region of Li Ning Badminton Division and other guests came to the event site to participate in the kick-off ceremony of the 3V3 Wuhan Station event, and cheered for the players.

The Li Ning 3V3 badminton match came to Hubei Province for the second time in 2021, and still felt the enthusiasm, energy and momentum of the fans! It is reported that the 3V3 Wuhan station event attracted nearly a thousand players to participate, setting the highest number of local amateur badminton competitions in Wuhan. Under the double upgrade of the competition system and products in 2021, in addition to the establishment of the 3V3 team competition system, the men's group, the women's group, the family group and the youth group will be added. The golfers provide a platform to show themselves.The event lasted for two days, on July 31 and August 1, and attracted a total of 5w+ people to watch the official picture cloud live broadcast of the event in real time. The 3v3 team competition of this station was very anxious. The players showed their highest strength to compete, and the wonderful performance of each team made the audience linger. This year's Li-Ning 3V3 Badminton Tournament has always followed the theme of "more than just a game". A number of badminton mini-games were also set up at the event site, which greatly increased the fun and interactivity of the event and attracted waves of Contestants come to participate in the interaction and experience one by one.

With the continuous advancement of the competition schedule, the competition set off time and again heat waves in the cheers and applause of everyone. The whole-hearted devotion, the enthusiastic mental outlook, and the real competition can be called a real competition, and it is also an excellent platform for the players to show their self-recognition and self-recognition. With cheers and shouts, every contestant can quickly enter the competition state when they stand on the field, and the competition situation is extremely fierce. The players are comparable to the professional skills, which also made all the audience shine, and any action captured is a dynamic blockbuster.The game was intense, but the field was warm. The 2021 Total Energy Li Ning Li Yongbo Cup 3V3 Badminton Tournament came to a close and came to a successful conclusion amid the cheers of the players. The arrangement of the 3V3 competition was rigorous and orderly, and the participating players were also very serious, which is the charm of badminton. Professional-level arena, with super-strength opponents, on such a stage, you can constantly hone yourself and improve your scoring skills, fully feel the enthusiasm of Li Ning 3V3 events, and enjoy the happiness of badminton.

News on August 2nd, according to the latest equity disclosure information of the Stock Exchange, on July 27th, 2021, Li Ning (02331.HK) was acquired by JPMorgan Chase & Co. JPMorgan Chase at an average price of HK$74.8426 per share. shares, involving a capital of approximately HK$257 million.After the increase, JPMorgan's latest holdings were 125,474,193 shares, and the holding ratio rose from 4.89% to 5.02%.

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