Olaroyu led Suning to start the Dubai winter training, and many young teenagers trained with the team|real cash game apps-pool game paytm cash

Olaroyu led Suning to start the Dubai winter training, and many young teenagers trained with the team

The top five groups of the Champions League, Liang Wenbo, Dortmund, Zhao Xintong, Selby and Donaldson, broke through and entered the winner group. Jordan Brown, Karen Wilson, Gould and Carter, along with newly added Ding Junhui, Yan Bingtao and Celter, form the sixth group to continue the competition.

On the first day of the round robin, Ding Junhui and Yan Bingtao staged the China Derby in the first game, which was his second time participating in this event after two years. In the game, Ding Junhui scored 97 points on a single shot in the first game, winning 106-1. In the second game, Yan Bingtao made the most of his shots and broke 100 with one shot, scoring 138 points and tying them with zero seals. In the third game, Ding Junhui scored 63 points in one stroke, and was reversed by Yan Bingtao with 71 points in a single stroke. In the fourth game, Yan Bingtao made persistent efforts and scored 58 points in a single shot to win 72-17. Ding Junhui lost 1-3 with a total score.In the second game against Celtic, Ding Junhui was defeated by his opponent with 58 points. In the second game, Ding Junhui pulled back a game with 67 points in a single shot, and in the third game with 84 points in a single shot, he went 2-1 in the next game. In the fourth game, Celt scored 110 points in one shot and chased it to 2-2. Ding Junhui seized the opportunity in the decisive game and scored 54 points in one shot to seal the victory, with a total score of 3-2 Lectra.

In the third game against Gould, Ding Junhui won two games in a row and scored 67 points in the first game. After that, Gould chased two games in a row. In the third game, after Ding Junhui scored 55 points in a single stroke, he completed the reversal with 60 points in one stroke. In the decisive game, Ding Junhui won again with 58 points in a single shot, and won two consecutive victories with a total score of 3-2.Yan Bingtao's first fight against Carter, he scored 111 points in the first game, and he won the first game. Carter scored 72 points in the second round to tie 98-32. After that, Yan Bingtao scored two consecutive clean sheets, scored 94 points in the third round, and scored 67 points in the fourth round. The next two cities won the total score of 3-1. .

After winning 3-1 against Ding Junhui for two consecutive victories, Yan Bingtao's opponent in the third game was Celtic. Yan Bingtao came up to win two consecutive games, scoring 50 points and 76 points in a single shot, but after that, he was pulled three games in a row by his opponent and suffered a 2-3 reversal. In the fourth game, Yan Bingtao encountered Jordan Brown and scored 98 points, 128 points and 77 points in a single shot. He only allowed the opponent to score a red ball and swept the opponent 3-0.After the round-robin match on the first day, Yan Bingtao ranked first with three wins and one loss, Carter and Gould ranked second and third with two wins, two losses and two wins and one loss respectively, Ding Junhui ranked fourth with two wins and one loss, Kai Len - Wilson, Celt and Jordan - Brown ranked fifth to seventh.

On January 17, the 2022 AFC Champions League group stage draw results were released. Shandong Taishan team was divided into a group with Japan's Urawa Red Diamonds and Singapore's Lion City Mariners. The third opponent was the victory of South Korea's Daegu FC and Thailand's Buriram United. By. According to the schedule, the AFC Champions League group stage will be held from April 15th to May 1st. Whether Taishan will arrange the main lineup to play in the AFC Champions League depends on the schedule of the Chinese Super League in the new season.Team Taishan returned to the AFC Champions League as the Chinese Super League champion. In history, Taishan's best result was to enter the top 8 of the AFC Champions League. Today, Taishan has the opportunity to make new breakthroughs in the AFC Champions League. However, considering the impact of the epidemic and other factors, Taishan, like other Chinese Super League teams, faces greater challenges in the AFC Champions League, especially the competition system in the group stage. , so that each team encounters difficulties in participating in the competition.

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