Canadian alkaline mineral water brand Flow receives another million dollars in financing|new cash rummy game-pool game paytm cash

Canadian alkaline mineral water brand Flow receives another million dollars in financing

During the competition, the Arrival and Departure Information System will provide data services for various Olympic support units and business areas, and improve the quality and operation level of support services. After the game, the Arrival and Departure Information System will also be used as a valuable legacy for the Winter Olympics and Paralympics, and will be used for the support of major air transport tasks in the civil aviation system.

Migu UFC members officially launched on March 1On March 1st, all UFC events and exciting content were launched on the Migu Video APP. At the same time, Migu UFC members, who are most concerned by boxing fans, were launched simultaneously. In order to give back to boxing fans and friends for their love for UFC, Migu Video has launched the "Migu UFC Annual Membership" at RMB 128 per year. There is no price increase for membership benefits. Log in to the [UFC] channel on the Migu Video APP homepage to order. , to achieve UFC "freedom of viewing".

On February 24, Beijing time, the world-renowned lubricant brand Castrol was officially announced as the official industry partner of the 2021 KPL King of Glory Professional League.Sponsoring KPL, Castrol becomes the first lubricant brand to enter e-sports

Castrol is often active in the marketing of major sports events around the world, and is a partner of sports associations including FIFA (2015 FIFA executives were accused of corruption and did not renew their contracts), FIA and other sports associations. The traditional sports events it sponsored include the 2008 and 2012 European Cups, the two FIFA Confederations Cups between 2007 and 2014, the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa and the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. It is the first lubricant brand for cross-border football. . Also sponsored F1 and other racing events. In China, Castrol was also the official partner of NBA China, and joined PP Sports in 2019 to launch Premier League marketing. This sponsorship of KPL means that Castrol will become the first lubricant company to enter e-sports marketing.It can be seen that the events that Castrol chooses to sponsor are the sports events with the widest coverage and the highest influence in the world. In the field of e-sports marketing, KPL is an absolute head resource. In 2020, the total viewing of the content of the King of Glory event exceeded 73 billion, and the number of participants in the national competition exceeded 6 million. And on January 23, the KPL Alliance announced that it will invest 1 billion in 2021 for brand upgrade plans including event bonuses, club support, national events, content ecology and event production to build a national e-sports ecosystem. (Extended reading: Overweight 1 billion! The glory of the king refers to the national e-sports). Castrol's sponsorship of KPL shows that the top e-sports events represented by KPL are comparable to top traditional sports events in their minds.

As a global brand, Castrol chose the Chinese market for its first e-sports marketing, which also confirms the global leading position of China's e-sports market.At the end of the year, KPL welcomed Puma, the world's leading sports brand, as the exclusive sponsor of apparel and footwear. (Extended reading: Overweight e-sports marketing! Puma becomes the exclusive sponsor of KPL apparel and footwear) At the beginning of the Year of the Ox, KPL once again welcomed its official industry partner Castrol. At present, KPL has not announced the list of all partners in 2021, but the entry of world-renowned brands such as Puma and Castrol proves that KPL has grown into a benchmark for global e-sports events, and e-sports events are outstanding under the normalization of the epidemic The performance has made the brand owners who have been frustrated on a large scale in traditional sports see the charm of e-sports. I believe that KPL in 2021 will welcome more partners.

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