German Super Cup:Bayern defended Dortmund 3-1, Lewandowski scored twice|real cash chess game-pool game paytm cash

German Super Cup:Bayern defended Dortmund 3-1, Lewandowski scored twice

"Marca" believes that after seeing the scene of Zidane abandoning Bell in the game against Bruges, it cannot be ruled out that Zizu will use Rodrigo or Vinicius to partner Benzema in the next game. possible. In terms of player qualifications, Bale should have been partnered with Benzema on the front line, but Zidane's decision in the Brugge game surprised everyone. In fact, Bell himself was also surprised. When he got off the team bus, his face was ugly and not friendly at all.

To know more about "Accidents! Bell sat on the bench again, did Zidane really abandon him? "For more information, please continue to pay attention to the scientific and technological information column, the editor will continue to update you with more scientific and technological information.The five heroes of the five tyrants are in the Spring and Autumn Period, and they rise and fall in an instant. The editor will show you round after round of the latest news. The editor took a long time to organize and bring you this article. Now let's go eat melon and watch. Cristiano Ronaldo was very angry at the harassment. In the final round of the Champions League group stage, Juventus defeated Leverkusen 2-0 away. Because Atletico Madrid in the same group defeated Lokomotiv Moscow 2-0, Leverkusen finally failed. promotion. But for some home fans, although it was disappointing that the team stopped in the group stage, it was also a consolation to see football's top superstar Cristiano Ronaldo in person.

Although Juventus came to the Bayer Athletic Stadium as the visiting team, the fans were very enthusiastic, especially Ronaldo's "honey" who rushed into the stadium twice regardless of the game and hugged the idol, which made people laugh and cry.In the 87th minute of the second half, a Juventus fan suddenly rushed into the field. He went straight to Ronaldo with a clear goal and gave him a warm hug. Ronaldo also behaved very indifferently. Although the fans felt that the security guards asked them out of the venue after the hug, Ronaldo showed no displeased expression, but seemed rather helpless.

Ronaldo was irritated this time, but if the fans were too excited, it would also make Ronaldo unhappy. After the game, another fan in black rushed into the stadium under the siege of the security guards, perhaps to avoid the security guards taking a photo with the idol. The fan hugged Ronaldo's neck too hard and was shaking hands with his teammates Cristiano Ronaldo was caught off guard and staggered.Cristiano Ronaldo, who was raided, looked very unhappy. He waved his hand to express his dissatisfaction, and pointed to the fan's head, as if asking him what he thought and why he made such a violent action. At this time, security personnel also arrived immediately and caught the excited fan. Cristiano Ronaldo walked towards the center of the court while covering his neck, with an angry expression.

Buffon hurriedly stepped forward to comfort Ronaldo. What happened on his side also caught the attention of other Juventus players and staff. Buffon hurriedly stepped forward to hug Ronaldo and comforted him, as if telling him not to take these small things. Take the episode to heart and laugh it off. Winning and promotion is the most important thing. Hearing Buffon's words, Cristiano Ronaldo's expression relaxed a bit, and he interacted with his teammates again.The impact of the fans was great, but it was not over yet. The long-range camera captured another fan who rushed into the venue to embrace Ronaldo, followed by a panting security guard. In the face of a series of emergencies, Juventus coach Sarri on the sidelines also seemed a little speechless. He must have seen such a superstar effect more than once or twice.

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